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What We Do

Fix Fireplace Services diagnoses, cleans, and repairs all makes and models of gas fireplaces. Servicing Calgary, Edmonton, and the surrounding areas, we have the experience and technical expertise to get your gas fireplace looking and burning like new again.

The manufacturers of gas fireplaces, regardless of make and model or age, recommend annual service to keep the components working well and to ensure your fireplace is operating safely and at peak efficiency, not to mention looking great.



We will efficiently diagnose any problems your fireplace is experiencing and work with you to recommend solutions.

Full Cleaning

We will clean your fireplace thoroughly, including cleaning the glass, louvers, burner, pilot assembly, heat exchanger, and valve area. Your fireplace will look like new and bad odors will be eliminated.


Various components of a gas fireplace require regular servicing and maintenance to operate at peak efficiency. We will service all the necessary components of your fireplace to ensure they are operating properly and within manufacturers tolerance.


Where necessary, we will replace and repair faulty components to ensure your fireplace is working once again to provide comfort and warmth for you and your family.


Looking for a thermostat for your fireplace? A remote control with thermostat? A circulation fan? Yes, we will install these as well, and fully inform you on their use.

Visual Upgrades

Some fireplaces allow for upgraded log sets, firebox liners, and media. We can install these too!


Safety First

The safety of you and your family always comes first at Fix Fireplace Services. We will work with you to ensure your gas fireplace is operating safely and within manufacturer specifications and local requirements.


If you smell natural gas in your home, stop what you are doing, ensure you do not use a cellular phone or a landline, and do not turn off or on any electrical switches, lights, or devices. Leave everything as is.

Go outside. Leave the door to your home open, as well as any windows that were already open before leaving.

Once you are a safe distance from your home, call the ATCO gas emergency line at 1-800-511-3447, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

See the ATCO website, linked below, for more details:

Staying Safe Around Natural Gas


Decades of Combined Experience And Knowledge

Our highly trained technicians know the fireplace industry and know the technology. From older standing pilot models to state of the art electronic ignition models, we have knowledge required to get your fireplace working again, or to keep it running like new, regardless of age.

  • Highly Trained Technicians
  • Knowledge of Fireplace Technology
  • Awareness of Industry Trends
  • Factory and industry contacts
  • Supply Chain Contacts
  • Parts and Accessories Availability

Customer Experiences

Feedback from a few of our recent customers.


Josh L.


Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated you coming out to get our fireplace working again before our big day. Your attention to detail and professionalism was truly appreciated


Marilyn S.


Thanks again for helping us out. We had two other fireplace companies that weren't able to figure this out, so we really appreciate your work.


Mac B.

Varsity Acres

My wife and I can't get over it. Our fireplace looks like new again. After years of cloudy glass and not even seeing the flames we can now enjoy our fireplace again. Cheers.


Susan V.

Mackenzie Towne

The upgraded fireplace is a joy to use. Now that we have a remote and a fan it just makes those cozy Netflix evenings that much more enjoyable. Thanks again.



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